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About Fitness Studio

Xero Gravity Fitness Studio offers Pole,  Aerial & Yoga Fitness is the ultimate workout for the modern day woman and distinguishes itself by combining both cardio and strength training.

Pole & Aerial

Pole & Aerial techniques and Dancing Choreograph make your movements look graceful and aerodynamic. You will be amazed to see how many muscles you need and how fast you will master the techniques and movements. A complete workout by which you feel your improvements every week.

Vinyasa Vibes & Aqua Yoga

Vinyasa Vibes weaves together breath and yoga poses (asanas), enhanced by the chill step beats – dubstep at a mellow tempo. Expect breaking a sweat as you test your balance, build strength, and increase flexibility during some challenging flows. 


Unique in Malaysia, AquaYoga will take the movement and practice of yoga into the water during golden hour. Watch the sun set over the pool, as we unite the rhythm of our breath and the water to guide us into a yoga flow to calm the mind and body, and reach an inner state of relaxation and serenity.

For yogis of all levels with an open mind and heart. Mats, music, and fun will be provided.


Welcome to Xero Gravity Fitness Studio, Malaysia’s first Rock Climbing Gym with Pole, Aerial & Yoga Fitness offering a full schedule of classes for all levels!    We offer absolute Beginner Basic Classes to Intermediate; we have a class for you! All of our fitness & dance classes, everything from Aerial Fitness to Rock Climbing for students of all levels!

Pole Class:  We recommend tight-fitting workout clothes that allow for easy movement.  You will be most comfortable in short shorts & a tank top, over the knee socks and/or knee pads.

Aerial/Lyra Class: We recommend tight-fitting workout clothes that allow for easy movement. You will be most comfortable in a long/short sleeved t-shirt, leggings and socks.

Yoga Class : We recommend comfortable yoga clothes and for aqua yoga please wear swimming outfit and bring you own towel and shampoo.

Classes Available




For new students! Learn the foundations of pole dancing including basic spins, strength holds and floor work to help develop upper body and core strength and flexibility. You will be introduced to climbing, sitting and lifting yourself on the pole for increased upper body strength.  Preparing the body to invert is included in this level.

Please bring a hand towel and water bottle!



Get ready to defy gravity!  Improve your spins, perfect climbing and learn the techniques for basic inversions, leg hangs and lifts in this exciting level!

*Prerequisite: Be sure to get permission from your instructor to join this class!




This intermediate class will teach you new pole tricks, holds, spins and strength moves to help improve your skills.  You will also be able to work on your nemesis or dream moves!

Be sure to bring a hand tower and water bottle!

*Prerequisite: Must be able to do an inverted straddle and be comfortable with all the Pole Inversions.  Be sure to get permission from your instructor to join this class!