First time visiting a Xero Gravity Rock Climbing facility? There are just a few things you should know before coming in for your first visit.



First things first – all climbers need a valid waiver to enter the climbing area at Xero Gravity.  If you are under 18 years of age this waiver must be signed by your parent or court appointed legal guardian.


After completing your waiver all new customers are required to receive our Orientation. This is a brief introduction to our facility and Xero Gravity Rock Climbing Gym Rules. It takes just a few minutes and must be completed upon your first visit to the gym.


All visitors are expected to read, understand and follow  Xero Gravity Rules at all times. Please click on the link to read them over before your first visit and see our Staff with any questions.


Adults and youths  are always welcome to boulder in the gym. Bouldering is climbing without a rope and you can do it in a group or alone.  With the purchase of a day pass and a pair of rental shoes you can explore climbing on your own.  You can do this anytime that the gym is open for any duration of time.


If you prefer to have one of our instructors to introduce you about rock climbing, Explore Climbing Class is the ultimate introduction and great way to learn how climb for the first time either to conquer you fear of heights or to develop more confident out of your normal comfort zone. You and your group of minimum 4 climbers can take turns climbing while our instructor manages and teaches your hand on climbing and top rope for you.  All gear is included in this session.  There is no age minimum for this activity. This class includes an one week membership in the gym to allow you to practice your new found skills. To book a Explore Climbing Class call our reception now !

You can also get started by taking our Learn The Rope class.  This class covers equipment, tying in, climbing commands, belaying and safety. You get to walk away with a certificate of competence.


Please note Xero gravity requires that children 12 years of age and younger be part of a staffed event (kids rock club, Private Coaching, Junior Explore, etc.) or directly supervised by a member or an experienced climber. We can accommodate walk-ins for Private Coaching / Junior Explore if the time slot is open, however the slots fill quickly so it is best to call ahead to check on availability.


Let our trained staff do all the work for you. Available anytime, or by appointment, this program allows you to climb without taking a belay training course/ Learn the rope class. Our staff with get you situated with all the climbing gear you and/or your children will need then tour you around the facility for 1- to 2-hours letting you climb under their direction to your heart’s content.