It’s all about trust and team building in the corporate world. Our event planners design your party around your company’s goals.

Xero Gravity is a great way for your employees to let their guard down and challenge themselves as a group and as an individual, to learn succeed in a totally new way.

An experience at Xero Gravity can be uplifting.
Introduce your employees to a totally new way to conquer fear and overcome obstacles, physical and emotionally.
Our programs are designed for all types of skill levels.
Programs include a taste of rock climbing, Obstacle Challenges, iron man challenge, Challenge games to promote team work.
There is truly something for every member of your staff.

All programs and workshops are specific in nature.
These programs are individual in nature, so please call to set up a meeting with the event planner.
(603) 7611-0381

Prices start as low as RM 90 per person


What makes our workshops so popular is our ability to design a program that meets your group’s needs.
Our clients have a variety of goals and desires.
Whether you are interested in an exciting afternoon away from the office to have fun together, or a multi-day program that addresses specific needs in your team, we can work with you to meet your goals.